OmiseGO - The Future July 01 2018

If you're here reading this chances are you already understand the value of this block-chain project. OmiseGO is creating the financial network of future. You can expect big things from this group in 2018-2019. $OMG has put together an amazing team and are building a network that can be used by a variety of block-chains to transmit financial data quickly and securely. Most importantly they strive to make this network accessible to the masses of people that currently do not use banking services due to lack of official identification or lack of trust. If you're a fan of the project pick up this high quality t-shirt and represent. 


Free Cascadia! November 16 2016

The Great Pacific Northwest, the place where the trees are green and the water is high and blue. You can travel from Vancouver B.C. to Seattle and onto Portland in a few hours and observe that the three cities have a lot in common. These cities have more in common with each other than they do with many of east coast or southern cities that they share a federal boundaries with. The people of all three are socially conscious, environmentally aware, progressive and love their land.

The area of North America dubbed Cascadia consists of the northwest Cascade mountain range stretching into what is now British Colombia and over to the Pacific Ocean. If this area of the world were a country alone it would have the 19th highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the world. An independence movement is fun to think about especially when the federal government doesn't always reflect our northwest values of acceptance and progressive thought. Northwest independence does come up from time to time among friends while enjoying one of the world famous micro brews or overlooking our beautiful mountain vistas. Celebrate the Cascadia independence movement and show your northwest pride with this throw-back ringer t-shirt depicting the "Doug" fir tree with majestic blue mountains and skunky green hops.

The Pacific Northwest has a long history of going it's own way. We could probably do it alone

Free Cascadia Design   Cascadia Map

The World of Anonymous January 27 2015

Love them or hate them, few groups have made the kind of impact on our world as the computer hacking consortium, Anonymous, has made. Either riding to the rescue of those that have been mistreated or handing out their own special kind of retribution it’s hard to argue that they are not legion. There is something interesting in the idea of a vigilante group righting all the wrongs of the world. These keyboard warriors have taken on some larger–than-life causes but unfortunately now anyone can hack through a security system and publically say they are from Anonymous. It makes you question when you hear something in the media that was supposedly done by the group. These are strange days we live in.

Oh well. At least you can enjoy this design with certainty. It’s a head turner and a conversation starter but a real member wouldn’t be caught dead wearing this t-shirt…or would they?


Pool World: Captivity Sucks July 18 2014

Killer Whales have always captivated our interest!  Many of us have early childhood memories of getting splashed by orcas on family vacations to aquatic parks.  Always smiling as the freezing cold salt water drenches us and the whale follows directions from it's trainer. Amazing times back then, but we didn't know what went on behind the curtain at those aquatic parks.

With the release of the film Blackfish and similar coverage on orca treatment, capture and captivity many people's views on aquatic parks having orca shows have changed.  Seeing footage of orcas being captured in the Puget Sound circa 1970's have turned up.  Seeing the orca families broken up and the young kidnapped as the adults scream is pretty intense footage.  Learning that orcas have very aggressive behaviors towards their trainers show they aren't happy in captivity.  Analyzing the life cycle differences between orcas in the wild and those in captivity provides an obvious example of how orca captivity needs to stop. 

Orcas and other whales are best viewed where they live naturally. In the Pacific Northwest, whale tours can be booked and the experience is very gratifying!  Hearing orcas blow air out of their blowholes next to your boat is one of the neatest experiences on earth. They do indeed like to jump into the air at times, but not to splash crowds because they were commanded or forced to.

Our Pool World: Captivity Sucks shirt arrives with that action in mind!  Make a statement on how you feel about the captivity of Orcas!

Tesla: Legalize It! March 31 2014

Electric Cars are all the buzz!  Tesla has finally produced one that will change the auto industry for years to come! New Jersey and a few other states have opted to ban the direct sale of Tesla, relying on old world car dealers.  It appears in some old fashioned states like New Jersey, they aren't ready to adapt to the modern world where the internet assists industry. Governor Christie must be helping out some of his old car dealership friends. We hope they see that industry development assists our ability to function as a society.  Typewriter or laptop Mr. Christie?  Uber Car service or crummy Yellow Cabs?
Make a statement with  us, and encourage modern development in industries!  TESLA: LEGALIZE IT!

Heavy Metal Group of Death T-Shirt February 26 2014

Welcome to Border Jumpers!  We are excited to deliver our first product and kick some ass while doing it.  The whole world will be watching this years World Cup.  We wanted to commemorate the competition with a shirt with World Cup influence.  Our Heavy Metal Group of Death shirt will drum up small talk as you focus on the United States luck of landing in the Group of Death!  In death metal concert style, the back lists all of the World Cup's Group of Death history. The United States will have to really pull every ounce of fight and party in order to escape this years Group of Death. Be there with them in spirit with this first Border Jumpers shirt.

Website Launched! February 24 2014

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Finally the website is up and is a go! We've been working hard to get up and out to the world. With the completion of the first t-shirt design just in time for the World Cup, we're off and running. Come back and visit us again to or follow us on Twitter or "like" us on Facebook to follow our design releases.

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